Health Guarantee & Sales Contract

Congratulations on the adoption of your new puppy! We hope this puppy will bring much joy and companionship to you and your family throughout the years to come! We have endeavored to give this puppy the best start in a clean, healthy and happy environment.  We hope that he/she will maintain a excellent health for many years. In case of any health issues, we do offer the following options:

  Buyer’s Responsibilities:

  • Have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 7 days after picking up your puppy.
  • Seller must be informed within 3 days of the examination’s results by fax or e-mail only if there should be any health issues.
  • Provide puppy with routine preventative care such as but not limited to: Maintain veterinarian guidelines for vaccinations and yearly examinations by a licensed veterinarian.
  • All deposits are non-refundable.

 Health Guarantee:

  • This puppy is guaranteed until one year of age against anything genetic or congenital that is severely life altering. This includes severe hip dysplasia, which hampers a dog’s natural movement and requires surgery to correct, heart, kidney, pancreas, liver, and spine problems of a severe life-threatening or -altering nature. If the dog dies within its first year of life, the buyer will pay to have it autopsied to determine the reason. If the reason is congenital, the seller will replace the puppy. All items covered under this guarantee are by replacement only. We do not give refunds.
  • Seller will not be responsible for any general medical expenses incurred. 
  • A puppy showing any serious genetic or congenital defect will be replaced as follows: Dog must show the defect by one year of age. Seller must be notified of the problem within two business days of a licensed veterinarian’s determination and have two reports from two unassociated veterinarians stating the same problem, and seller will provide a replacement puppy of equivalent value. A puppy with a defect must be returned to the seller to qualify for a replacement puppy. No refund, in part or in full, will be given.
  • Buyer is aware that buying a puppy means trips to the veterinarian and understands that they will be responsible for all those payments.
  • The puppy has received proper vaccinations and wormings as of the date of delivery.
  • This guarantee does not include Hypoglycemia (abnormally low levels of blood glucose).
  • We are not responsible to refund or replace a puppy due to reasons such as: allergies, landlord disapproval or moving.
  • There are some disorders which may be produced by environmental factors. This includes thyroid dysfunction, allergies, demodectic mange, and additional autoimmune disorders which are not covered under this guarantee.
  • Any physical problem which is or could be the consequence of injury is not covered through this guarantee.
  • There is no guarantee that the purchaser will be capable of breeding or showing the puppy, despite breeding or showing potentials.
  • Puppy will be at least eight weeks of age before it will be adopted.
  • This guarantee applies to the original puppy’s owner only and is not transferrable to a second party.
  • Replacement puppy will be mutually agreed upon by both parties and puppy will be of comparable quality.

This contract is binding and supersedes all past agreements. This contract is void if the conditions are not fulfilled. Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully.

Agreement of all conditions will be verified through your payment for the puppy.

Spay/Neuter Contract:

We sell our puppies on a strict spay/neuter agreement. Puppies must be spayed/neutered by

the age of 1 year old. Original documentation must be sent to me, the breeder, stating that this

has been completed no later than their first birthday. Failure to do so by this age will incur a

penalty. If a copy of your puppy’s spay/neuter certificate is not received by the Seller by the

agreed upon time, Seller will assume puppy is being used for breeding and Buyer will be billed

the difference between a companion puppy price ($_____) and a breeding dog price ($5,000).